Trio akk:zent - Jazz/Accordiontechno/Saxophonefunkworldmusic?

Trio akk:zent


PAUL SCHUBERTH – accordion, vocals


JOHANNES MÜNZNER - accordion, diatonic harmonica, didgeridoo, vocals, percussions


VICTORIA PFEIL – soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone


In spite of its short lifetime, the trio akk:zent counts among the most interesting representatives in the Austrian jazz and world music scene, presumably also because “Jazz” and “World Music” are insufficient names to describe the music it makes. Indeed, the three young musicians do not seem to know the limits of these concepts – and what else remains but to ignore them skillfully. Stylistic fissures are lifted up to create a style, unabashedly. Here, polyphonic structures meet techno-beats, swift-footed jazz philosophical pop, Balkan music the Steirische Harmonika: it all sounds as if they had long belonged together. And all of this, in addition to the instrumentation, is one of the reasons that definitely makes the trio akk:zent a special listening experience. Or more so – at least as reactions may foretell, such as the description of the current CD as “accordion jazz therapy” (Robert Ratacjzak, LongPlay: RadioJAZZ – Poland).

Booking (Austria, Argentina)

Paul Schuberth
Kerschberg 1

0688 86 22 011


Booking (Europa):

Stefan Nauheimer,

Agentur Fischermann

Wilhelm - Sollmann - Str. 18

D - 50737 Köln

tel 0049 - 221 9711799

mob 0049 - 177 3268527

Skype fischermann507

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Booking (Austria):

Katrin Karall-Semler

Wolfsgraben 33,

3400 Klosterneuburg

+43 (0)676 | 95 00 332