trio akk:zent - Jazz, Accordiontechno, Saxophonefunkworldmusic?


PAUL SCHUBERTH – accordion, vocals

JOHANNES MÜNZNER – accordion, diatonic harmonica, vocals

VICTORIA PFEIL – soprano & alto saxophone, vocals


trio akk:zent is counted among the many interesting representatives of the austrian jazz scene. Working together since their late youth, the three musicians did have the time and leisure to create their own musical language – or should we call it dialect? It’s not only their rare lineup which delights the audience but also their keen alternation between catchy tunes and dark collective impros, between complexly arranged „accordion rock“ and easygoing freetonal passages. They have published three CDs with mostly original compositions. Titles such as „Ameisen kauen leise“ („ants chew quietly “) and „rock-schock“ show that the undeniable earnestness in the music of trio akk:zent is a witty and humorous one …