Paul Schuberth

accordion, diatonic harmonica, vocals


Paul Schuberth is almost restless in finding and creating musical pieces and sound patterns for the trio. He stands by innovation, synthesis, variety and the overlength of the CD. In addition, Paul managed it to give Johannes Münzner and Victoria Pfeil freedom within his own compositions.

Johannes Münzner

accordion, diatonic harmonica, vocals


Johannes Münzner is often confronted with playing the basic chords and the basic rhythm, also known as the so-called “Johannes Rhythm”, while Paul Schuberth egoistically chooses to play free chords and Victoria Pfeil seems to be undisturbed while improvising. Besides, it must not be unmentioned that Johannes plays the leading part in pieces like “Inje” and shines as improviser in “Laub” and as composer in “Saxomove”. In his friendly manner he poses new and exciting challenges for the other two members.

Victoria Pfeil

soprano & alto saxophone, vocals


Dictating the basic beat in the lower register with the Baritone saxophone, creating melodic lines full of passion and sensitiveness with the Tenor, changing from a firm and clear timbre to a smooth and misty one with the Alto or improvising with the Soprano over conventional chords as if the target audience of the trio would be admirers of avant-garde music, Victoria Pfeil does all of these things, not always by choice, but in a very professional and unique way.