Das Trio - eine romantische Geschichte

„…accordion jazz therapy…“ 


“Their music is one of unrestrained, playful humour, a pronounced eagerness to experiment and a contagious liveliness.” 


“…huge talent and a great sense of humour...” 


Besides numerous clubs, cultural centres and churches, trio akk:zent has also played renowned festivals such as the International Accordion Festival in Vienna. Their music has also been played on the radio in Austria, Germany and Luxembourg.


photo: Fabian Möstl
photo: Fabian Möstl


Stylistic openness, which the accordion brings to the table anyway, and the multifaceted nature of the four saxophones are combined with mature lightness and youthful gravity, coaxing music out of these powerful instruments that lies somewhere in the border area, or possibly even beyond the borders, of world music, jazz, pop, contemporary and techno.


photo: Nina Wiesner
photo: Nina Wiesner

Whether there is love at first sight still remains to be seen, but musical love at first tone is, for Paul Schuberth and Johannes Münzner, a proven fact, after their first collaboration in Imst in July 2011. Their understanding for music and imagination for sounds would appear to be so similar that composed duo pieces followed right after their first improvisations together. One doesn’t need to be a musicologist, however, to suspect that music from two male musicians, at nearly the same age, on nearly the same accordion, and with nearly the same understanding of sound, could become relatively bland very quickly. For this reason, it was quite obvious that they, firstly, needed to look for a female musician and, secondly, for one who did not play the accordion and, above all, who had a different understanding of what music can mean.

That it was the saxophone player Victoria Pfeil is really not a coincidence – that is something one can definitely claim, since she and Paul Schuberth at least grew up musically together. As children they improvised, she on a recorder and he on a small keyboard accordion, later on a clarinet and a medium-sized button accordion. Now, in the trio, there are simply two large concert accordions plus soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones.

In this new instrumentation, new experiences of sound open themselves up to the listener, sounds that take any former practical experience with the accordion and saxophone into ad absurdum. The title of the new CD, so oder so [approximately, this way or that], shows in a suggestive way that the three young musicians are completely aware that their music cannot be easily pigeonholed – for they make it this way or that, “so oder so.”

Foto: Nina Wiesner
Foto: Nina Wiesner

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