"... trio akk:zent, [a] merging of three fascinating, virtuoso artists whose music is an incredible mix of jazz, Balkan-rhythms and Argentinian tango. The Austrian trio's exceptional album could be described as "accordion jazz therapy". Robert Ratacjzak, LongPlay: RadioJAZZ – Poland


"Their music is one of unrestrained, playful humour, a pronounced eagerness to experiment and a contagious liveliness. It is full of spontaneity, which is why it is able to surprise listeners time and again with sudden changes of direction and breaches of style." Michael Ternai, mica


"They move from very rhythmical jazz to tango and Balkan sounds; the ideas keep on coming, each song is full of refreshing twists and exciting turns. ... With its debut album, this young trio displays huge talent and a great sense of humour,..." Christian Bakonyi, Concerto


"The founder of Accordion Tribe and U.S. accordionist extraordinaire, Guy Klucevsek, performed a moving piece dedicated to his Slovenian aunt entitled “Spinning Jenny”. Another highlight were the two pieces by 17-year-old accordion Wunderkind Paul Schuberth from Upper Austria, which he performed with a similarly young and talented accordionist Johannes Münzner." Alex Newton, The Vienna Review, about the opening concert of the International Accordion Festival Vienna 2012 - Duo akk:zent